Do you want a mobile event app for your upcoming event but have no time to create the app? No need to worry, our customer success team can make life easier for you. 

For an additional cost, HelloCrowd offers professional services where our team project manage the building, populating and publishing of your event app on your behalf.

What does Professional Services include?

1. Uploading event content

Our team will create your app with the information provided. To create your app can take our team less than a day. It depends on the complexity of your app, and how much information you have provided. 

2. Create artwork

Our creative designers will create all app artwork including the icon, splash screen and sponsor banners.

3. Publish your app

We’ll publish your app on your behalf.

4. Provide marketing material 

Our team will provide marketing materials to use (posters and banners) for spreading the word about your app.

5. Training for interactivity features

Our support team will provide training on all the Interactivity features and platform. Training will include managing of event feed, Q&A, live polling, push messages and event feedback on the app builder.

6. Changes before your event

Our team will add, delete or change your event content before, during or after your event on your behalf, and your app will update instantly. 

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