Below are guidelines/tips to ensure your event app is a success:

1. App Availability

Make sure your app is available for download from App Stores at least 1 - 2 weeks before your event to drive engagement. Remember to plan ahead and make sure all important event information is accessible on your app.

2. Start promoting early on Social

Spread the word about your app on all your social media channels. Use posts with the download links (iOS and Android), hashtags, images and social handles.

3. Email Marketing

Highlight your app availability in all email communication to attendees, speakers and sponsors. Send an email to all your attendees a few weeks before the event emphasizing all the app features. 

*Don’t forget to include download link to the App Stores and download instructions available at the ‘Promote’ button on your app builder.

4. Website

Leverage your event website to spread the word about your app and communicate the benefits for downloading the app.

*Remember CTA

5. Staff downloads

Encourage your staff to download the app and spread the word. They can be the biggest promoters of the app.

6. Drive communication

Start generating a buzz around your event by sending key announcements and messages via your app. Encourage attendees to share their thoughts before your event on the event social feed by posting, liking or commenting on posts.

7. Speakers, sponsors and exhibitors adoption

Show the value of the app to your speakers, sponsors and exhibitors  - ask them to promote the app on their social channels. Their adoption of your app will increase the interest of your attendees.

8. Get your MC onboard

Remind attendees on the day of the event to download the app to drive engagement with speaker Q&A, event feed and attendee to attendee messaging. Include PowerPoint slides in the event kickoff presentation.

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