All your event speakers can be listed inside your App and each profile can include: profile picture, contact information, bio, social media profiles and link to the session they’ll be presenting.

Adding your speaker profiles to your event app is effortless with our easy to setup dashboard. Easily upload your speakers in any of these two of ways:

  • Import your entire speaker list

  • Add each speaker manually

Import Speakers

The Speaker template is available at on your dashboard, instructions below:

  1. Select 'Download template'.

  2. Complete the excel template. Importing speaker profiles by Excel file requires a specific template. Please make sure you make use of the correct template - the structure of the document can't be modified.

  3. Import your completed speaker template.

Add Speaker

Your speakers can be added and updated manually. Each profile can have their name, profile image, email address, company, contact number, website, description, session (link their session from the agenda) and social media links.

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