Adding your agenda to your event app is effortless with our easy to setup dashboard no matter how complex your agenda format is. Include a single or multi-day agenda, link your speakers to a session, add documents, venues, session descriptions and interactivity options.

There are two ways to add your agenda:

  • Import your entire agenda

  • Add each session manually

Import Agenda

The Agenda template is available at on your dashboard, instructions below:

  1. Select 'Download template'.

  2. Complete the excel template. Importing sessions by Excel file requires a specific template. Please make sure you make use of the correct template - the structure of the document can't be modified.

  3. Import your completed agenda template.

Add Session

Your agenda sessions can be added, updated, duplicated or deleted manually. Each of your agenda sessions can include the following:

  • Session Name - example 'Welcome and Registration'

  • Start Date and Time

  • Duration 

  • Venue

  • Speakers - please note you first need to add your speaker profiles before you can link them to a session.

  • Description

  • Documents

  • Session Type

  • Tracks

  • Interactivity - Q&A and Session Feedback

Session Type

Session type is linked to the Session Attendance, Capacity and Grouping Options. There are three options available:

1. Basic

Basic sessions will only have the session name, date/time and duration. There will be no session description, speakers linked, tracks or interactivity options.

2. Standard

Standard sessions need to be attended by all the event attendees and there are no other sessions taking place at the same time. For standard sessions you are able to add tracks, session description, link speakers and interactivity options. 

3. Optional

Optional sessions will typically be used for breakaways sessions taking place at the same time. Each optional session can have an attendance capacity, session description, linked speakers and interactivity options. Attendees are able to book an optional session inside the app or you can preallocate them to a session.


Add tracks to your agenda to divide session into categories. Multi-tracks are used to direct your attendees faster in the agenda and to identify sessions. Each track can have it’s own name and colour. You can describe your sessions in terms of type, categories or locations.

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