Getting started select the 'One Event/Container App' package. You'll be able to create multiple events in your account and only need to pay when you publish your Event.

Event Setup

Complete your event details as you would like them to appear for your delegates.

  • Event Title: This will be the name of your event and delegates/users will search for your event by this name within the HelloCrowd App. Only 60 characters allowed for the event name.

  • Event Date and Time: This field is automatically generated from your event agenda once it has been added to your Event Menu. 

  • Event Home Page: The options for your Event home page is the Event Social Feed or About Page. The Event Social Feed allows you to display attendees social content in real time at your event, it is like a Facebook feed but completely private to your event. Your attendees can share updates, post photo’s and comment on updates they like. Should the you choose not to include the Event Social Feed, the home page will be an About page of the event - this will include event description with text, images and/or video.

Event Theme

Personalize your event by adding your custom event color or pick one of ours.

Event Artwork - We have two options available for event artwork, Standard and Advanced. 

  • Standard Artwork - The Standard option requires no design skills and you only need one logo. Uploading your logo will automatically apply for your event icon and splash screen.

  • Advanced Artwork - For the advanced option you can upload a piece of artwork for each of the components required, icon and splash screen. The Event Icon needs to be exactly 1024px wide and 1024px high and the Splash Screen needs to be exactly 1700px wide and 2208px. We have to cater for Tablets and Smartphones, therefore we have text safe area that needs to be adhered to. The template available on your App Dashboard. 

Event Accessibiltiy

  • Visibility: Choose how your event is accessed from inside the HelloCrowd app.

  • Security: If you enable the event security your event is accessible to only those in your attendee list. Alternatively, if you have not preloaded your attendees your event will only be accessible to those attendees who have your event password.

Event Features

Drag and drop the Event Features to the Menu based on your specific event requirements. 

Upload your content using our templates or add items manually. You'll be able to edit and modify your content even if your Event is already live, the App will update instantly when you make any changes.


Select "Publish" once you're ready to publish your event. 

Fill out your billing information and proceed with publishing your event.

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