Publish your event inside the HelloCrowd App and it will be live instantly, ready for your attendees to use. The App will have HelloCrowd branding, but your event inside the App can have a branded icon, splash screen and theme. 


The HelloCrowd Event App includes the features listed below features and can be activated and deactivated as you wish based on your specific event requirement. 

  • Basic Features (Multi-Day, Multi-Track Agenda, Attendees, Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, Info Booth, Maps, Floor Plans, Web Page, Documents & Videos)

  • Interactivity Pack (Private Event Feed, Attendee to Attendee Messaging, Scavenger Hunt, Push Notifications, Live Polls, Questions and Answers, Session and Event Level Feedback)

  • Unlimited attendees

  • Event security

  • Sponsor Banner

  • Documents

Find Events

Your delegates need to download the HelloCrowd App from the Apple or Google Play Stores. After installing the App they need to login with their email address.

  • Search for an Event: Your delegates has not been pre-loaded to the attendee list the event will not automatically show inside the HelloCrowd App and they need to search and add your event.

  • Your Events: Your delegates has been pre-loaded to the attendee list and they login with the same email address the event will automatically be added to their Events list inside the HelloCrowd App.

Event Security

If you enable the event security your event is accessible to only those in your attendee list. Alternatively, if you have not preloaded your attendees your event will only be accessible to those attendees who have your event password.

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