There has been a change to Apple's review guidelines in early 2018 and your company will require their own Apple Developer account to publish your branded event app to the App Store.  Your event app will still be created and managed through the HelloCrowd dashboard and we will handle submitting your event app under your Apple Developer account. 

If your company does not already have an Apple Developer Account, you will need to create one by enrolling in the Apple Developer Program. Please note Apple Developer account is $99/year.

Important notice:  An Organization developer account is required to publish an App. The Individual account type is not supported and HelloCrowd won’t be able to publish your App.

Apps listed in your company Apple Developer Account

You will only be able to have one Branded Event App from HelloCrowd in your own Apple Developer Account and won't be able to have two or more Branded Event Apps with the same code base (from HelloCrowd) within your own Apple Developer Account. If you would like to publish another Branded Event App, keep in mind we will need to remove your old Branded Event App.

Apple Developer Account Program

1. Create Apple ID: You need an Apple ID and you can create it here:!&page=create

2. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program: You will need to sign up as an organization - Here is what you’ll need before you enroll: To start with your enrollment for your Apple Developer Program click here, select ‘Start your enrollment’ button. Login to the developer section with your Apple ID.  

3. Apple Developer Agreement: Once you have logged in you will need to accept to the Apple Developer Agreement. 

4. Join the Apple Developer Program: Select the ‘enroll’ button in the top right corner and on the next page you need to select the ‘start your enrollment’ option at the bottom of the page.

5. Complete your information: You need to complete your organization's information and agree to the legal agreements.  Once completed select the purchase button and you’ll have a Developer account with Apple.

Allow Access to Your Apple Developer Account

There are two invitations that are required to allow HelloCrowd access to publish your event app on your behalf. 

Apple Developer Console:

1. Go to Apple Developer console and select: People > Invitations.

2. Send an invitation to HelloCrowd Apps including Admin rights. 

3. Address the invitation to the following:

iTunes Connect:

1. Go to and log in with your Apple ID credentials.

2. When logged in select 'Users and Roles'.

3. Select the '+' button to add a new user.

4. Address the second invitation to HelloCrowd:

5. Allow permissions to this new user and select the Admin Role by selecting the option - the permission will allow HelloCrowd to publish your mobile event app on your behalf.

6. If you are asked to edit the notification settings for this account you can leave it on the default values.

7. The invitation has been sent to HelloCrowd.

Notify the HelloCrowd team by emailing our support team ( and include the email address associated with your Apple Developer Account.

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