The Speaker feature allows you to create a list of all your speakers at the event. This includes a  detailed profile of each speaker with their profile picture, contact information, bio, social media profiles and link to the session they’ll be presenting.

Managing speakers on your event dashboard

Import Speakers
The speaker list can be added manually or imported from an Excel template. The import template (Excel) is available at the speakers feature on the dashboard. Click on the 'Import' button, a pop-up module will appear. Choose the 'export speaker' option. An excel template will download. Complete the excel template with your speakers information. Please note the structure of the document can't be modified.

Adding speaker presentations or event documents

Your documents can be added directly to an agenda session. Our uploader do not accept documents larger than 10MB, and can be in the following formats: a PDF, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WAV Document.

Select the agenda session you want to upload the document, and select 'Documents'. Drag your document here or click to upload.

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