Multi-tracks are used if you were going to have breakaways sessions taking place at the same time, you would name your tracks accordingly so attendees would be able to identify them in your app. Each track can have it’s own name and colour. You can describe your sessions in terms of type, categories or locations.

Adding tracks to your schedule

  1. Go to your agenda inside your event dashboard
  2. Click on the session you would like to add a track
  3. Enter a track name at the ‘Select a Track’, choose track color and click on the 'Add' button
  4. Choose 'Optional' as session type for breakaway sessions
  5. Select the session capacity
  6. Save session, tracks will be activated for the session inside your app and attendees are able to book a session.

To edit the track name or colour,  click on the pen to the right of the track.

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