The Attendee feature allows you to create a list of all your event attendees. The attendee list includes a detailed profile of each attendee with their profile picture, contact information, bio and social media profiles.

Attendee list inside your Event App

The attendee list will be displayed in alphabetical order by first name. The list will have a ‘All contacts’ and ‘My contacts’ button. My contacts will contain a list of all contact that the user has performed a contact swap with. 

Attendee profile page will, aside from the usual profile information, allow the attendee to message and add the contact to their phone contacts. This is not the default view and only visible if the attendee has already performed a contact swap.

Managing attendees on your event dashboard

Import Attendees
Your attendees can be added manually or imported from an Excel template. The import template (Excel) is available at your attendee feature on your dashboard. Click on the 'Import' button and a pop-up module will appear. Choose the 'export attendee' option. and an excel template will download. Complete the excel template with your attendee's information. Please note the structure of the document can't be modified.

Admin rights

By activating admin rights to an attendee, all attendees will be notified when he/she post something to the event feed.

To select admin rights, go to your attendee list and select the attendee to enable the 'Admin rights' option.

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