Adding an agenda to your event, no matter how complex your event’s agenda format is, is effortless with our easy to setup platform. Include a single or multi-track agenda, link your speakers to a session, add documents, venues, session descriptions and interactivity options.

Agenda inside your App

The agenda is searchable by either time or by tracks. Tracks are chosen at an event building level in the app. During the event the agenda will update to the next session start time based on the user's time. Agenda days are collapsible In the agenda view we will also show the profile pictures of the speakers presenting at that event. Search is accessible by pulling down.

The track filter will allow the user to view the agenda by track. Tapping a track will expand to show the sessions related to that track.

App users are able to:

  • Book a session.
  • Document viewer: The user can share / save the document their their device should they choose. Viewing the document on their devices they’ll have the option to pinch/ zoom in and out.
  • Rate the session: Attendees can rate sessions inside the agenda on session level.
  • Session questions: Clicking on the session questions list will display the session questions. The full question is visible and the attendee can like the relevant question. Liking a question moves it up the list and questions are displayed in terms of the most popular first.

Session type

Session type is linked to the Session Attendance, Capacity and Grouping Options. There are three options available:

1. Basic

Basic session will only have the session name, date/time and duration. There will be no session description, speakers linked, tracks or interactivity options.

2. Compulsory

Compulsory sessions need to be attended by the event attendees and there are no other sessions taking place at the same time. For compulsory sessions you are able to add tracks, session description, link speakers and interactivity options. 

These sessions will be listed as compulsory inside the app’s agenda.

3. Optional

Optional sessions will typically be used for breakaways sessions taking place at the same time. Each optional session can have an attendance Capacity, session description, linked speakers and interactivity options. Attendees are able to book an optional session inside the app.

Multi-track Schedule

Tracks are not required to setup a session. Multi-tracks are used if you were going to have breakaways sessions taking place at the same time, you would name your tracks accordingly so attendees would be able to identify them in your app. Each track can have it’s own name and colour. You can name your sessions in terms of type, categories or locations.

Adding tracks to your schedule

  1. Go to your agenda inside your event dashboard
  2. Click on the session you would like to add a track
  3. Enter a track name at the ‘Select a Track’, choose track color and click on the 'Add' button
  4. Choose 'Optional' as session type for breakaway sessions
  5. Select the session capacity
  6. Save session, tracks will be activated for the session inside your app and attendees are able to book a session.

Import Agenda

The agenda/schedule can be completed manually or imported from an Excel template. The Excel template is available at the agenda feature on the dashboard. Select 'Import Sessions' button, a pop-up module will appear. Choose the 'export agenda' option. An excel template will download. Complete the excel template with your session's information. Please note the structure of the document can't modify.

Adding speaker presentations/documents

Your documents can be added directly to an agenda session. Our uploader do not accept documents larger than 10MB, and can be in the following formats: a PDF, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WAV Document.

Select the session you want to upload the document, and select 'Documents'. Drag your document here or click to upload.

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