Keep your finger on the pulse with our great event analytics. Improve the attendee experience and show your sponsors their return on investment. Plus, all data can be exported to Excel for analysis offline.

Analytics can be accessed directly from your dashboard. You will have access to the following data: Installs, Page and session views, Average action per attendee, Number of post, comments, likes and private messages send, Sponsor and contact swaps, Event and session ratings Live poll results and Q&A.

Event Overview
Understanding what makes your event exciting and engaging required accurate, up to date data. Our real-time analytics give you to tools to interrogate your events success.

  • Number of installs
  • App usage and growth over time
  • Your event by the numbersĀ 

Session results
Improving your event is about understanding which sessions were most popular and which weren't. Our session rating pushed to attendees is automatically collected for review

  • Send via push to the attendees device
  • Instantly available for review after the sessionĀ 

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