You can send single-choice questions directly to your attendees and receive instant feedback that can be sent directly to a big screen.

Live Polling inside your Event App

Live Polls are triggered from our Onsite Tool ( inside the app builder and will display anywhere in the app on the following conditions: 

  • The user is not checked into a session but it is the only session taking place at that time. 
  • The user is checked into a breakout session if there are multiple questions taking place.

Live poll questions will either pop up as they are sent or be activated via a push message sent to the user outside of the app.

Should the event owner choose to display results of the live poll as soon as the attendee has answered the live poll the results page will appear and the graphs will grow as answers are received.

Managing live polling on your dashboard

Steps to send a live poll question:

1. Go to your Dashboard (  and select your event.
2. Select the ‘Interactivity’ tab and choose 'Live Polling'.
3. Select the ‘plus’ button on the right side of the screen.
4. Enter your live poll questions and its’ correlating answers
5. Select the ‘Save’ button
6. Select ‘Manage Live Poll’
7. Select ‘Step 1’ to send live poll to attendees
8. Give your attendees at least 30 - 40 seconds to answer the poll. When your poll is finished, select ‘Step 2’ to stop the poll.
9. Select Step 3 if you would like to display the live poll results on the screen.
10. Select ‘Finish’ after your live poll is complete.

Displaying Live Polling results on screen

Live Polling results are available on the Interactivity platform to display on  AV and for delegates to view on the screen. To connect live polling questions and results to the AV, choose a session with the live poll you would like to display, click on the ‘Connect with external screen’ button and send the link to the technical team to connect.

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