Our customers often ask us what tools we have that will help drive engagement at their events. Our Interactivity Pack is exactly the set of tool to help you achieve great engagement at your event and make the most of your event app.

The Interactivity Pack consists of 8 great features that will not only offer outstanding value to you and your attendees but also ensure that they keep coming back. 

  • Private Event Feed - It's like your Facebook feed but completely private and only for those attendees authorised to view your app. Organisers and users can post to the Event Feed as well as like and comment on other users posts.  
  • Session and Event Feedback - Capture critical session and event feedback from your delegates automatically at the end of session and at the end of your event. 
  • Q&A and Live Polling - Let your attendee ask questions inside he app and instantly push live polls out to everyone at your event.
  • Push Notifications - Get important notifications out to your attendees   regardless of whether their app is open of closed.
  • Attendee to Attendee Messaging - Once authorised to do so, attendees can message each other directly from inside the app.
  • Scavenger Hunt - As the organiser you get to select a 30 character phrase and add it to the app builder/dashboard. For example, "This event is super fantastic!".  QR Codes for your phrase will be available to download on the dashboard that you can place around your event venue.  
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