The in-app event social feed allows you to display attendees social content in real time at your event, it is like a Facebook feed but completely private and only for those attendees authorised to view your app. Your attendees can share updates, post photo’s and comment on updates they like. 

Content can be shared by attendees on their social channels (Twitter & LinkedIn) to promote your event and generate additional conversation.

The event feed will be the home page for events if the account holder has chosen Event Feed in the App Builder.

Event feed inside you Event App
The plus button will allow users to add a new post on the event feed. Adding a post to the feed will bring up a screen allowing you to add text, hashtags, image and url links. The attendee has the option to post the same message to their social media channels. If the attendee taps a social platform that has not yet been selected they will be asked to link their social media account.

Attendees can like a post by tapping the heart or comment on a post by tapping the post or the comment icon.

URL’s can be posted to the Event Feed. Typing a URL when creating a new post in iOS, it'll fetch a preview of the URL, and in Android it'll show a clickable URL.

Managing Event Feed on your dashboard

Review and manage your entire event feed directly from your Interactivity dashboard. Approve or reject posts that you deem inappropriate and stay on top of your event.

  • Reject messages
  • Review the entire event feed
  • Great for reviewing after your event
  • Send the url to the technical team to display Social Wall on AV. 

Displaying Social Wall on External Screen

Posts from your event feed can be broadcast live to a social wall (external screen) at your event, and it will certainly encourage your attendee to engage even further. The only thing you need to do is send the url link that's available at the Event Feed (Interactivity button) on your dashboard to the technical team to display Social Wall on AV.

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