You did the research, you considered the options, you took the plunge and you made the decision, but… you’re not exactly sure where to start.

Thankfully, HelloCrowd makes it super easy for you to sign up and create your Mobile Event App. Have a look at the quick and easy steps to create your Mobile Event App with HelloCrowd.

1) Sign up to HelloCrowd

The first step will be to sign up to HelloCrowd. Go to and click on the "Try it Free” button and complete the signup process online.

2) Access your dashboard and create your event

You'll have access to your own app dashboard and the link to the app dashboard is: 

With our event solution your event will be hosted inside the HelloCrowd app and immediately available. The app will have HelloCrowd branding, but your event inside the app can have a branded icon, splash screen, even name and event colour. 

Choose the option you would prefer, Professional Event or Starter Event.

The Starter event app includes:

  • All Basic and Interactivity Features 
  • 50 attendee limit
  • No event security
  • No Sponsor Banner

The Professional event app includes:

  • All Basic and Interactivity Features 
  • Unlimited attendee limit
  • Event security
  • Sponsor Banner

3) Publish your app

Click on the publish button and your event will be instantly live inside the HelloCrowd app.

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