Apple recently updated their App Store Review Guidelines, the set of “rules” that we have to comply with when submitting new apps or updating apps in the App Store. Part of this update has a significant affect on the way that solutions like ours conduct business. The reason that we had significant success in providing Custom Branded Apps to our customers in only a few days was because of our template based solutions. We were able to provide a great online platform that helped our customers quickly and effectively deliver great apps for their events. The policy change applies to all mobile event app providers/publishers submitting apps for Apple. 

The new update to the App Store Review Guidelines have a significant impact on our core business. Added to this, we were given no warning from the App Store that they would be enforcing this rule.  The new rule forbids the submission of apps to the Apple App Store that use template based solutions. More detailed information about the policy change can be found here (4.2.6 and 4.3): 

Overall, these changes are good for the continued health of the App Store. The Event App industry only make up a small percentage of template based app solutions and real winner here, at the end of the day, is going to be the consumer who is going to find the App Store an easier, more relevant collection of useful apps.

What does this mean for you?

Thankfully, we have not been caught off guard! We already have a product in the App Store that meets with Apple's new App Review Guidelines. The HelloCrowd app is available today from your account. The app will have HelloCrowd branding, but your event inside the app will have branded icon, splash screen and theme.

The benefit of publishing your event into the HelloCrowd App is that your event is available instantly once published. All information, features and pricing for our new updated Mobile Event App Solution is available here: 

Although your Single and Multi-Event Apps remain live in the App Store we are no longer able to update them with feature enhancements and bug fixes. Over time, as we release new functionality, your app may become unstable and eventually cease to work.

What does this mean for your customers and attendees?

Transitioning across to the HelloCrowd App means your customers will need to download the HelloCrowd app from the App Stores, ( create and account and follow the instructions to search for your event. They will have exactly the same functionality available to them that you previously had in your stand-alone solution.  

We understand that this will create some friction with your current attendee and we are doing everything that we can to lessen the impact of these changes. 

We look forward to working closely with you to make your future events a success. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team (green Icon, bottom right) should you have any questions at all.  

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