Questions from attendees are submitted via the app (inside agenda sessions) and will be available for all the attendees to view and can either vote for the question they like or submit a new one. Liking a question moves it up the list and questions are displayed in terms of the most popular first. 

Activate Q&A

To activate Q&A for a session open the session inside your agenda and enable session Q&A at Interactivity. You'll need to enable Q&A for each session separately.

Anonymous Q&A

You are able to select how attendees ask questions inside the agenda session:

  • can not ask questions anonymously

  • can ask questions anonymously

To enable your option select 'Settings' at your Agenda feature. Choose your option at 'Questions'.

Display Q&A on external screen

Your attendees questions that have been posted inside the app will be available on your dashboard to display on the external screen and for the speakers to answer on stage. 

To connect questions to the external screen, choose the session with the questions you would like to display, select on the ‘Connect with an external screen’ and send the link to the technical team to connect. Once the url link is activated a list of available screens will appear below.

Select 'Connect to an External Screen' and send the link to your AV team.

Connect to the correct screen by selecting the screen on your App Dashbaord - example: Flying-Bamboo

When your screen is connected, select the question you would like to display on external screen by selecting the 'Display Question' button next to the question.

Edit or Delete questions

To edit or delete one of your attendees questions, click on the question on your app dashboard. From there you'll be able to change the question or delete.

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