You can send single-choice questions directly to your attendees and receive instant feedback that can be sent displayed on the external screen at your event.

Live Polls are triggered from your app builder and will display anywhere in the app on the following conditions: 

  • The user is not checked into a session but it is the only session taking place at that time. 

  • The user is checked into an optional session if there are multiple questions taking place.

Live poll questions will either pop up as they are sent or be activated via a push notification sent to the user outside of the app.

Live Polling on your App Dashboard

Adding poll question

  • Select an agenda session and add poll.

  • Enter you question (120 characters) with answers (only up to six answers with 30 characters each).

  • Save

Connect to external screen

  • Select 'Connect to an external screen'

  • Share the url link with you AV team to connect to external screen.

  • Once url link is activated a list of available screens will appear below - select the correct screen.

Send live poll

  • Select 'Begin Live Poll' to send the poll to your attendees.

  • Give your attendees 30 - 60 seconds to answer the poll.

  • Select 'Stop Live Poll'.

  • To display the results select 'Display Results'.

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